Home sweet home

I was walking through Woodhouse, Leeds, recently when I passed, in quick succession, three people I knew well enough to nod to – which, given my social skills, was quite an achievement.

One, I’m fairly sure, was a drug dealer, although I’ve never asked him directly in case he’s an undercover policeman; one was a poet – and actually if you trip over something in Woodhouse, it’s as likely to be a poet as anything else – and one was an elderly woman who had lived her life in a Woodhouse which started off white and working class and ended up, as well as white and working class, all shades of black and brown and bohemian.

There are worse places to live than inner-city Leeds, but most of them cost a lot more and don’t have interesting neighbours or a decent pub, so I’ll stay here.

The Chemic Tavern

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