Why I've turned Tory

I hope the Tories are returned to power in May; I hope they renew their mission to further enrich the richest and to pauperise the bottom third; I hope the banking and financial sector (often erroneously called an industry) gets the country into another fine mess and that most people will be forced to conclude that things could be done better.

The Tories, having cleverly engineered a minor recovery to coincide with the election, will be in triumphalist mood if they win. They will want to destroy the BBC, denationalise the NHS, arrest the bishops and complete the reintroduction of the poor laws.

The problem for the right-wingers, including UKIPers and unabashed Blairites, is that , even with a snarling press on their side, they can never be much liked, except in that corner of a foreign field that is for ever south-east England and its outposts.

When things go wrong, when destructive deflation makes a comeback, for example, the British people will at last speak back, although probably through extreme grumbling rather than violence. Still, there will be a chance of a change.

A Tory victory, which would guarantee a referendum on EU membership, would also produce a colourful clash between David Cameron and the establishment, who want to stay in Europe but sometimes don’t dare say so, and feral, Tea Party elements on the right. I’m looking forward to the fireworks.

#Tory #fireworks #UKIP #grumbling

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