Feeding frenzy

While exploring the Lotherton Hall bird garden near Leeds, the subject of my current blog, I fell in love with Violet Turacos, pigeon-sized birds which can’t sing but can croak and even bark and, says the profile on the front of their cage, sometimes whip themselves into a frenzy.

This reminded me of the great Count Arthur Strong, who I saw at the Leeds City Varieties last week. Count Arthur spends most of his time starting arguments between himself and himself and getting into a frenzy of misunderstanding and malapropisms.

I find it very funny and wonder why some people don’t – after all, Count Arthur is part of a great comic tradition; the misfit who wants desperately to keep his dignity but instead finds himself stepping into all sorts of scrapes and absurdities.

As well as Count Arthur, there’s Harry Worth, Eric Sykes, Tony Hancock, Father Ted, Mr Pickwick and, perhaps the daddy of them all, Don Quixote.

[My fiend Ian's tweet from Count Arthur].

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